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Edible cake images – step by step

You are just a few clicks away from your own cool photo cake! All you have to do in order to create an edible cake image is upload the image you want to top your cake with, enter a personal message, add some decorations from our gallery, and place the order. We will deliver the printed sticker on an edible sheet of paper to your home or local post office. When your cake is ready, just place the sticker on the cake, give it an hour to rest, and you’re all set. Creating edible cake images has never been easier.

12 thoughts on “How it works

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  2. Bernadette Klemm

    Hi. I need an edible image of a lottery scratch off ticket. Can I upload a picture of the game she plays to have one made? I was not sure if there would be a problem with copy rights of images. I need the design by July 5th. I am hoping to order from you. Please let me know if it will be a problem. Thank you very much. Great site!

    1. coolcoolcake

      Thanks for contacting coolcake, and thanks for the feedback.
      We have created a platform for printing edible photo cake toppers.
      We can’t validate the copyrights of pictures you print with us.
      your picture will not be published in our website it will only sent to you.

      Aharon @Coolcake :)


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