The secret to really cool birthday cakes is making them unique


The secret to really cool birthday cakes is making them unique. What better way to do that than to top delicious homemade birthday cakes with beautiful edible images?

In order to make sure your cakes are perfect from top to bottom, here are five important tips that will help you make a success out of every cake you bake.

1. Baking is an exact science. If the recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of baking powder – don’t add more! It won’t make your cake higher – it will make it fall. Make sure you always follow the recipe – it’s the first step to success.

2. Don’t forget to pre-heat your oven. Unless specified differently in the recipe, cakes should always go into a hot oven. So always start your preparations by turning on the oven.

3. Don’t over mix the cake’s batter. Doing so you will produce a heavy cake. Make sure you mix the flour only until it’s observed in the batter, and the eggs only until they’re blended.

4. Followed the recipe to the word, but the cake is dry? Don’t fret! Cook half a cup of sugar in half a cup of water, until the sugar dissolves in the water. After the syrup cools, drizzle it very lightly over the cake.

5. Kids love chocolate but don’t like bitter tastes, so if you are baking chocolate birthday cakes for a party, use a mixture of chocolate and cocoa for the perfect combination of rich dark chocolate color, and sweet taste.